Summer 2010!

January 22, 2010 at 4:47 am (life!, med, school, pictures)

ok so the reason for my not-so-mysterious disappearing act this time is as usual, med school, part 2!

weekdays seem to blend…weekends are spent studying from 9am till 3am; i can no longer recall the day of the week anymore.

i actually spent most of today thinking it was Monday/Tuesday!

so i decided that before i developed total amnesia, it would probably be a good time to recap what i did in summer 2009, (for the benefit of future-me) as well as plan what to do for summer 2010!

Summer 2009: Things accomplished! (versus what i wanted to accomplish)

1. Became a fully qualified lifeguard!,_Ocean_City,_June_27_,2007.jpg

2. Obtained my PADI license and went diving with the dolphins, Moray eels and puffer fishes in Malaysia

3. Acted as Master of Ceremony at my sister’s church wedding

19092009_AD_0992.jpg picture by tan_kyhm

plus i must admit i kinda had fun picking the outfits too! :]

5. Worked my dream job at the Underwater World!

plus taught Alex English. (a tuition assignment my dad managed to find me) he was 14 and 1.92m and loved Stitch. i must say i did become quite fond of teaching him! heh

6. Was one of the Orientation Group leaders for SOJOURN (Imperial freshers camp) at Sentosa

7. Went paragliding above the Mediterranean Ocean…

gorged on yummy Cypriot BBQs…

…explored quaint cafes and coffee places in the streets

had super wet fun at water parks…

(yep…that’s me hurtling down (: )

….plus soaked up the sun on Cyprus beaches…

and basically just had a blast everyday….:)

(figuratively…as well as literally, shooting off rockets!)

PS. don’t worry, i haven’t forgotten about Cyprus Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5!

Summer 2010: Things i want to do (so far)

1. Become a personal trainer! (guess all those muscular anatomy i’m doing right now is going to come in useful after all. i can now say that i know the back of my hand like the back of my hand!)

2. Nick and Jin the will be coming over for 2 weeks in September! so we will probably travel (Laos + Bangkok) and properly explore Singapore (the new IR plus universal studios!!)

3. Pick up driving! didn’t do so last year as i couldn’t get the exam dates before i left.. squeezing all the learning into one month is gonna be kinda tight though.

4. Sign up with a proper swim club

5. Practise on my new electric violin, till i become as good as Vanessa Mae. (hahah right…)

6. Look for more random jobs! i guess i’ll be needing abit of moolah for my escapades

7. ?


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