Duck Gets Stuck and Bear Stays Awake

January 31, 2010 at 4:30 pm (life!)

CHTB (Children @ HTB) today was fun! i read Duck Gets Stuck..

and Bear Stays Awake,

to my favourite kids, Benjamin, Morgan and Joshie!

we then had Anke and Georgia conduct a little skit cum experiment, followed by a handicraft session (which the kids loved), based on the experiment.

Anke basically had a bottle (representing our lives), a rock (God) some beans (things we liked to do) and some sand (things we had to do; ie: eat, sleep, go to school, study and wear animal hats). in the first bottle she put the beans in first, followed by the sand and then the rock, which was too big to go in after all the beans and sand.

in the second bottle she put the rock in first, followed by the sand and then the beans – and this time everything fitted in nicely (as the sand filled up the spaces around the rock).

kids hard at work with their handicraft!

and showing off their dirty hands. hahahah

take home message: first make time for God in your lives, and everything else will fit in! which i feel is especially applicable to me now too; given the studying and all for year 2.

at the main service today 2 girls whom i’ve never seen at church before came up to shake my hand during greet-each-other session.

strange thing was that one of them kept glancing my way before (and i kept stupidly looking behind myself coz i thought she had a friend seated behind me).

stranger thing was that she and her friend came through quite a number of people just to shake my hand (for those uninitiated: the normal protocol at such instances is to shake the hand of the person seated to your left, right, above and below you – while taking care to subtly manoveure your proffered handshake into a friendly pat on the arm if one of the aforementioned persons happens to be a nose picker)

strangest thing of all: they were Brit!

just for the record, I’m putting it down to my sneakers.

pictured: Vanessa Hudgen's sneakers because i was too lazy to upload my own.

off to watch the man you – arsenal game now at my local pub! atmosphere is always jolly when there’s a pub-full of English die-hard man you/arsenal fans with beers.

man you to win 2-1 and rooney to scoreeeeeee!!!


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