Pictures from the Sister’s Wedding Slideshow!

February 5, 2010 at 9:44 pm (life!, pictures)

my sister is brilliant she scanned in many of the old photos of us growing up for use on her wedding slide show. haha i wouldn’t have thought of that! (although now that i have, she’s “suggesting” that i go on to scan the rest of the nine hundred and ninety nine gazillion old photo albums we have into the computer when i’m back in summer. :/)

growing up in England! 5 years old i think, my sis was 9. that’s her Minnie Mouse lunch box i remember i had a blue Mickey one.

i haz hes hat. hahahahah

Sentosa when i was 16 i think! bringing our two younger cousins Jessica and Mavice for a day out at the beach.

hahaha 16 again. visiting my grandma over Chinese New Year! she’s really cute! (even without my added orange-mickey mouse ears hehe)

18! Tokyo, Japan. the best family holiday ever, right before i entered army!

why? SUSHI!

loads and loads of cheap, fresh and yummy sushi! (amongst many other reasons)

18 again. self-explanatory photo really haha. the 22 months won’t THAT great, but i did come out of it having made many more great friends!

plus, “i learnt how to drive a tank before a car” is always gonna be a great conversation-starter anywhere you go. (:

PS i’ve decided to put “poems” into a category on it’s own, separate from “music, movies” given how little i write nowadays. you can click through to them at the sidebar on the right.


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