One Republic at The Scala

February 6, 2010 at 7:07 pm (friends, life!, music, movies, pictures)

right so the One Repub gig review as promised.

the last time i watched them perform was at Singfest 2008  in Singapore; (when i had a chat with Eddie Fisher after the gig he still recalled that performance! or rather he recalled one word “HOT!”) anyway i fell in love with the band that day, and so was extremely delighted when i got the chance to catch them again here in London.

the concert was held at the Scala – it’s quite a small venue that doubles as a nightclub over the weekend. the 6 of us, Paavo, Nick, Ming, Raj, Samuel and i gathered at Hammersmith bus station for dinner, before heading down via tube.

we arrived roughly on time at 730pm, and when we first got to the club we thought the queue to get in was short – and then quickly realised that it went round the building, and then round another one, and another one! it was basically one loooooong snakey queue. a bit unexpected really as i always thought One Repub wasn’t that big outside of the States and Germany. still, a pleasant surprise!

once we got inside the venue, the atmosphere was simply electric. i got right to the front of the stage, although it did require a bit of negotiation to get past one fat lady and a sweaty man. there was an opening band, the name of which i can’t recall now, but whom were waaaay better than the one that opened for Muse.

anyway once the concert started, you would have quickly realised that this was not only an intimate gig with just over a thousand people watching, One Republic were simply brilliant! standing only a few meters from the stage means you feel a real connection with the band. they played songs from their old album ‘Dreaming Out Loud’, such as Say (All I Need), Stop and Stare and Apologise, as well as a host of songs from their new album ‘Waking Up’ which was released that same day. ‘Secret’, ‘All The Right Moves’, ‘Everybody Loves Me’ and ‘Good Life’ are some of my favourite tracks on that album.

if you ever get the opportunity to see One Republic live I would definitely recommend you take it. vocally Ryan Tedder the lead singer has an amazing range to his voice and certainly knows how to interact with the crowd.

(unfortunately the pics you will be seeing are from Sam’s cam, who was standing much further back. i was too lazy to upload mine haha)

Ryan on the piano! it was a weird contraption – had many strange knobs and dials sticking out of it! guess he had it specially modified for the show.

launching into the first song of the night with aplomb, the chest-thumping “Everybody Loves Me”!

someone threw him a pair of granny panties mid-way through the concert. hahahah

giving it a closer inspection. he later hung it up on the microphone stand of one of the back-up vocals. funny guy!

Zach Filkins on the guitar. he also played the violin during the concert! it made me feel like taking up the violin again; haven’t played since taking my grade 8 exam when i was 12. which is like, FOREVER!

anyway, i think he’s easily the best looking member in the band…sort of looks like that guy from Desperate Housewives doesn’t he?

Brent Kutzle, on the cello!

sharing champagne with the crowd to celebrate the release of their new album. what a great bloke Ryan is! he actually poured and passed wine glasses around the crowd!

outside the Scala after the show, with the signed drumstick i got from Eddie!

it still has all the drumming marks from the concert on it. drumming marks made from playing Apologize, Stop and Stare and All The Right Moves amongst other songs….now HOW COOL IS THAT?

like i mentioned at the start of this post, i spoke to Eddie after the show. he’s a really nice all-round guy, even obliging a lady for a hug. he told me that they’d be back for another show really soon, so i’m looking forward to that!

and it’s already up on my wall display, having displaced the lightsaber, my most prized possession. well at least for the week! (:



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