The Floating Brain God

February 9, 2010 at 11:37 pm (randoms)

came across this post about Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Works of Art that i thought was actually pretty interesting, now that i know a lot more about the brain! haha!
The Floating Brain God

Michelangelo’s ode to the Book of Genesis, The Creation of Adam, has endured not only as the most famous of the Sistine Chapel panels, but also one of the single most iconic images of humanity.

Note how Adam’s pose mimics God’s, how mankind is framed off from the Heavens by earth and mountains, and how God and his entourage are rolling around in a gigantic, floating brain.

Wait, What the Hell?

Look closely. It turns out that the figures of God, His angels and even the soon-to-be-created Eve under His arm form a nearly perfect cross-section of the human brain.

While some might dismiss this as a coincidence, experts suggest that it would be harder to explain that this was not Michelangelo’s intention. Even complex components within the brain, such as the cerebellum, optic chiasm and pituitary gland can all be found in the picture. As for that sassy green sash running down the pons/spinal column/dude-holding-God-up, it follows the path of the vertebral artery perfectly.

Along with drawing, painting, sculpting, St. Peter’s Basilica building and generally being among the universe’s top bananas, Michelangelo counted cadaver dissecting as a favorite way to pass the time.





uncanny, much? ask me about the optic chiasm, pituitary gland, cerebellum, pons and vertebral artery when i’m back!! (hopefully i will still be able to remember more than “they are part of the brain” by then ;])


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