Chinese New Year Steamboat Lunch

February 14, 2010 at 6:18 am (life!, pictures)

still lazing around on the sofa-bed in the morning when Wayne whipped out his DS from where he had stashed it safely away for the night. all i had to whip out in response was….

my iphone camera.

hahaha apologies – i’m an extremely scruffy-looking morning person.

steamboat lunch! the soup was delicious – Lena used pork ribs and scallops only as the base; will try that some time!

hainese pork chops! this was reallyyyy good

fish belly (never quite took to those), fishballs, fishcake-cum-tofu thingies, carrots and some other friends-of-the-steamboat-ocean!

the hot plate with teriyaki lamp chop and salmon steaks…kind of an unconventional steamboat isn’t it?

well but that’s made up some by the abalone i guess!

haha Wayne loves posing for the camera!


1 Comment

  1. Anonymous said,

    heyoo my friend saw your picture, she thinks you are cute XD

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