Electric Violin Dilemma

February 15, 2010 at 2:22 am (life!, music, movies, pictures)

dad is getting me an electric violin for my birthday! (:

done a fair bit of research, and the question left is should i get a..

Zeta Strados Modern Electric Violin


or a



Ted Brewer VIVO2 Electric Violin


VIVO Bridge


both are used by Vanessa Mae, incidentally.

been through quite a number of fiddle forums, and they are supposedly the two best models around when it comes to electric violins.

which one do you guys think look better? the Vivo2 or Zeta Strados Modern?



  1. jeslin said,

    hey zm! happy cny! haha (: [http://www.backstagelife.wordpress.com]

  2. Mr & Mrs said,

    The transparent is cooler. The blue looks abit beng, whereas the white is nice and classy, but a bit more “normal”. How much are they?

  3. kli said,

    transparent! :)

  4. Vanessa Mae Fanatic said,

    If you can, try play a ‘demo’ to get a feel for how comfortable it is when you play it and how you feel about the sound it makes. These two are definitely both excellent violins, it just boils down to personal preference… (THE Ted Brewer VIVO2 Electric Violin!!;)

    • Ethan said,

      haha unfortunately, i live in London so getting my hands on the Zeta was slightly tricky as it only retails in the US…having said that i think the Zeta is definitely an excellent instrument too, at least going by feedback by many violinists on forums.

  5. Vanessa Mae Fanatic said,

    But i also love the white Zeta one too:)

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