POOF, A Wrinkle In Time and I’m 22!

March 3, 2010 at 1:22 am (friends, life!, pictures)

it’s almost like Puff the magic dragon appeared and warped me into a different dimension.

the original facebook message:

“Hi guys,

I would love to have you guys come by my place this Friday evening! (26th Feb) Nothing huge really, I just thought it’d be a really good opportunity to get some friends together…but there will probably be some snacks, good music, drinks, cake, icecream… plus i hope to get a chocolate fondue going! (it’s a tiny one) i’ve got a number of really fun games too, like Taboo, Munchkins, Cranium and Bang, so we can sit down and have a go at them if you are up for it.

i invited other friends too so it might get a TINY bit cozy but i hope that you can bear with me!

would love to see all of you guys there!


had only cooked the whole thing up exactly one week before!

the original intention was just to have a few friends over…but it somehow turned into a 25-person party. it would have been more but the house was just about ready to give way.

still, i had fun picking the party playlist; an 80-songs mix of eclectic/brit pop/party/easy-listening tunes.

all photos kudos to Samuel again, my soon-to-be-official event photographer!

party started at 8pm! here’s what 26th February night sky in central London looked like.

the early birds get to….help me blow balloons :]

Nick: thanks so much for helping with all the food preparation! wouldn’t have been a party without you.

food (Marks and Spencers sandwiches are yummy!)


Tom Edwards


love this picture! everyone seems happy

Sam and Ming

fondue stuff

this should totally be made into a motivational poster: “money can’t buy you happiness; but it can buy you marshmallows. which are kinda the same thing!”


the healthy section! with Nick’s home-made Zanzigi sauce (at least i think that’s how you spell it)

haha someone managed to get Min-Ho high on Ribena mixed with some Cypriot vodka (which Nick brought back from Nicosia). it was priceless

my lightsaber was pretty popular that night too

Min-Ho’s expression…hilarious! (at least if you know what he’s NORMALLY like)

seems pretty happy for someone about to be decapitated!


Rory in a conundrum!

Yuxuan has a go

my first-ever Star Wars cake!

with animal candles (:

getting ready to cut the Star Wards cake..with my lightsaber. haha i bet you always knew this was gonna happen the moment you saw the lightsaber in conjunction with the cake!

Sam cutting my second birthday cake…yummy tiramisu! (he made it for me! thanks!!!)

realized someone was going through my old albums and went to have a look at them too. can’t believe i used to look like that:

hahah TINY!! (and there i was thinking i still looked exactly the same and could easily pass of as an 18 year old)

time to ride onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!


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