Cyprus Part 2A: Beaches

March 6, 2010 at 1:35 am (life!, pictures)

as promised, continued from part 1!

also, i’ve decided to add links to all my photo posts on the sidebar at the right.

just realised i actually have something like 10 times the number of photo albums on my blog than i do facebook.

on the flipside the host of new links under pictures makes the sidebar look slightly cluttered though…might tidy it up and archive some of them.

anyway without further ado…


we went to a multitude of beaches during our stay in Cyprus – all of them were amazing. kudos to Nick for driving us from beach to beach each day in Suzie (his car) from our starting point of Larnaka, where we stayed for the duration of our trip in his beach-front summer house.

Phase 1: The Summer House

the amazing view from the balcony of our flat

looking out to sea!

view from the roof

we couldn’t resist the urge to plunge right in on our very first day there. now imagine if you could that every day of summer!

getting all ready to hit the beach!

Jin already getting attached to our extremely well-equipped beach pack.

Phase 2: Nissi Beach

Nick and Suzie. we got loads of sun every day of the trip!

unloading the boot. Nick made sandwiches for all our beach escapades.

a motor cross car at the beach! i couldn’t resist. hahaha.

that’s what happens to cars with no doors, folks. yes, people climb in to take random pictures.

let this be a lesson learnt to all you guys who are planning on buying cars with no doors.

the glorious, sun, sand and Nissi beach!

not forgetting the crystal clear sea

loads of people already out suntanning in full force by the time we got there. Cyprus is a hugely popular holiday destination amongst the Brits!

all fresh and raring to go!

the resort pool i crashed….

that offered a splendid view of the sea while you had a relaxing dip

a Mediterranean beach wedding, anyone? i’m already settled on one. hahaha.

Nick has already promised me the use of the beach house if it should come to pass. which is an extremely big IF.

paddle ball! a game very commonly played in Cyprus at the beach. it’s basically a game similar to tennis, except you try to keep the ball going.

me and Nick set the record of 50-something. i think.

Jin Padawan!

the record setters :]

the multitude of beach/sea activities on offer

last picture before we left Nissi beach.

loving Jin’s expression…GEEK ;p

Phase 3: Aphrodite Beach

on the way to Aphrodite Beach.

perfect 7-up advert?

we spotted a goat!!! apparently they can climb mountains

Aphrodite beach! you can see the Aphrodite rocks in the background

Nick, drawing his impression of Jin

Jin, posing with Jin

Jin did me

and i did Nick! haha

a super cute baby at the beach! (nope i don’t think i’m going to end up doing paeds)

i know this shot looks wrong, but….

we were just playing the gravity game i taught them..

which is really, really good fun! kind of looks like we are dancing too, doesn’t it? hahahah

almost got him here!

Jin and Nick having a go

haha brilliant picture. headbutting Jin in the abdomen

stone skipping. Cyprus won, with a record of 7. Singapore came second with 5. Korea came last with 3.

we basically had the whole stretch of beach to ourselves by this time. the background almost looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale, doesn’t it?


my sandwich

Jin’s sandwich..

and we are recharged to rock ‘n roll again!

brilliant pose! even more brilliant photographer ;p

departing from Aphrodite beach..

and this massive beach post is gonna have to be a “to be continued” because work beckons!

i’ve recently developed a thing for listening to trance/clubbing music while revising. hmmm interesting……(considering that i don’t club)


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