Paris Disneyland, Revisited

March 7, 2010 at 3:35 pm (friends, life!)

Rémi Lemonnier Hey Ethan !! That’s the first time I wish someone an happy birthday for my birhday !! lol
I hope you’re doing well ;)

Rémi Lemonnier That would be so much fun for me to come back to visit you :) You know you can also go to my place whenever you want ! I hope we’ll find the time, even if you are working so hard to become a famous doctor ;) And we’re going to eat my lousy carbonara again and play FIFA all night long !

Rémi Lemonnier Hi ! That’s a wonderful idea !I am in Paris until july and maybe after ;) I’ve never been to disneyland. That will be very nice to go there together !! :D

Keep me posted !

Rémi Lemonnier: I’ll be free on theses week-end and it will not be a problem at all il you stay at my place for a few nights. It’s at 30 minutes with the RER ( a mix between a subway and a train) from Paris.I think that the cheapest way to travel is by plane. You can use
to find some interesting prices, or http://www.t…
for the high speed train.

Don’t worry for the nice places to eat : that’s the things I knew the most in Paris (because eating is the thing I’m the most interested in ! ;))I’m so excited that you come ! This is going to be legendary !! haha

Rémi Lemonnier That’s perfect ! I will have some classes on monday afternoon (maybe I’ll be able to free the morning), though, but I guess you’ll have to take a train not too late so it will not be a problem.Can’t wait to play FIFA with you again !!! :D

Rémi Lemonnier That’s a good idea to go directly to disneyland, that will save us time. I’m trying to convince my friends to go with us to disneyland. There should be at least one of those who were in London with me ;)

There are not many things to do in the direct neighboorhood of my hall but that’s not really a problem since you’re very quickly in Paris. Can’t wait to see u !!…

hahaha he’s too cute.

Paris and Disneyland…i’ve already been there before during the days spent growing up in the UK, but still, i can’t wait!


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