Cyprus Part 2B: Beaches

March 18, 2010 at 3:26 am (life!, pictures)

continued from part 2A….

Phase 4: Konnos Beach

enroute to Konnos beach! this one was one of my favourite beaches…it was basically a bay as you can see in the next picture.

the beach was enclosed by mountains, and the big sea waves were also shielded off by corals, thus it was almost like having a man-made pool in your own backyard!

probably spotted some small fishes or crabs here. Jin has an extremely keen eye for such things. haha

setting up our umbrella..


climbing towards the summit…

while i lag behind taking pictures of down below…

and finally, the splendid view from the top

the most romantic spot on earth from which to watch the sunset….

…though perhaps the wrong 2 persons to be doing it together! hahah

the sun setting, with a glimpse of a para-sailer in the background!

Phase 5: Sunrise Beach

this was the beach which was most popular with tourists, and also the last beach we went to. (and the one that i found to be the most fun!)

because of it’s popularity with tourists, there were many on-going activities specifically catered for them – and in particular towards the Brits, who made up a large proportion of the tourists there. think music, parties, booze, dancing!

Sunrise beach!

Nick and Jin already on the prowl for signs of marine life (there were loads)

the tower you can see in the background is a frigging high reverse bungee. we’d have gone on it, but it was closed.

hmmm…wonder what the crowd has gathered to watch

the answer is dancing table-top girls in wet t-shirts!

the promoter was a tad crude..but i guess it’s all about pandering to the Brits!

next 3 shots are rated 18….you’ve been warned.


















there – don’t say i didn’t warn you. hahah

on hindsight, perhaps a rated 21 would have been more in order

perfect weather for the beach once again!

after that me and Nick decided to go for a soak in the sea. it was really shallow, probably knee deep, and we could see many little fishes swimming about us as the water was crystal clear!

emerging from the refreshing dip

and paddle ball again!

we were getting pretty good by this time, with much longer rallies than when we started out on the first day

climbing a small hill in the middle of the sea

group shot at the top!

and that’s the end of the beaches post!


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