Grow Up And Blow Away

March 29, 2010 at 8:36 pm (music, movies)

metric-band-photoScott-Key, Shaw, Haines, and Winstead from the band “Metric”

got a text from Bryan just the other day asking if i wanted to catch Metric down at Shepherds Bush this May. i’d never heard of them before, so asked him to forward me a couple of their songs. apparently they are a really good indie band from Canada in the vein of Stars, whom i’m also a big fan of.

i was sold on the first song he sent from their latest album, “Gimme Sympathy”. if you had to pick only one song to listen to from the band, it should definitely be this one!

i followed up by youtubing more of their songs, and was immediately hooked on the catchy chorus and electrosynth beats from “Monster Hospital”.

for those of you who are into trance/techno, there’s a brilliant version of this track too by MSTRKRFT; he’s basically remixed it into a really infectious anthem for the dancefloor.

finally, “Grow Up And Blow Away” is a track that is strangely hypnotic in an airy way when played on loop, and it has been doing exactly that on my ipod as of late.

a densely textured modern mix of psychedelia, electro and rock, the band is a good mix of different genres, while it also ventures into more accessible musical territory on a couple of tracks.

another feature i love about the band is the fantastically quaint names of their songs – the tracks carry quirky titles like “Twilight Galaxy”, “Dead Disco”, “Gold Gun Girls” and “Soft Rock Star”, and the lyrics do not disappoint either.

happily, Bryan managed to hunt down standing tickets to the gig for the both of us that were sold out elsewhere.

can’t wait!

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