Cyprus Part 3: City Tour

May 4, 2010 at 2:22 pm (friends, life!, pictures)

way overdue, but part 3 is finally here..

3. City

setting off each day from the comfort of Nick’s home in the centre of the city (the other one was his summer house by the sea)

the original city walls in the middle of the city

haha at Jin’s pose

in a christian orthodox church. (the predominant religion in Cyprus) ok maybe you can tell that i’m just a TINY bit more tan by now coz it was the last day of the trip

travelling up by car to visit an ancient excavation site where they’ve recently uncovered new ruins

from the Romans’ era this, i think!

the absolutely stunning view of the Mediterranean coastline, from the observation platform at the top

the road less travelled!

apparently ancient ruins are discovered almost everyday by construction workers in Cyprus, and law decrees that work has to stop immediately when that happens.

supposedly this can get extremely frustrating at times for the builders when practically anywhere one digs has hidden ruins beneath.

the ancient amphitheatre (although recently refurbished to host a Vanessae Mae concert, no less!)

heading back down to the city to explore the business district. this pic is cool coz it looks like Jin is saying the speech bubble in the background. hahahah

a cool train that was ferrying passengers and tourists right through the district!

happy with our frozen yoghurt. haha i couldn’t stop laughing at Jin about this one coz it looks like i’m taking my 10 year old cousin out for an icecream.

and finally, heading back home!


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