Stereo Love/Greece

May 11, 2010 at 12:43 pm (friends, life!, music, movies)

Vika Jigulina, standing atop a knoll with a view of the Greece coastline, from the music video “Stereo Love”

Nick has a friend staying over in Greece, so he’s planning a year-end Greece trip for the three of us. now visiting all the ancient Greek ruins in itself is pretty cool (cue the Necropolis, Pantheon, Temple of Zeus etcetc), but i’ve always had a bit of a thing for the endless rows of Greek-style white houses like you see in the picture, ever since i once saw them in a television drama (Taiwanese, and starring Alec Su, if you must ask).
there’s something that’s just so elegant and classy about them, even if they are quite possibly the simplest things ever to build; although i think the fact that they are right next to the gorgeous Mediterranean sea helps matters a fair bit! i could definitely imagine myself living out my retirement in one of those.
anyway without further ado, the music video from which i took the photo above, and the primary purpose for this post:
the refrain is amazingly catchy, and i spent the better part of my last revision week listening to this on repeat. consider yourself warned.

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