Paris Randoms

May 14, 2010 at 12:45 pm (life!)

bits of the France trip, before the finer details escape me.

Disneyland, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Notre-Dame etcetc were all well and good, but those can wait for when i’ve uploaded the pictures!

i had, however, the good fortune of showing up when Remi’s friend was having her birthday celebration, so i got to tag along to an actual French dorm party.

pretty interesting, to say the least. for one, rather than vodka shots and mixers ala a typical British party, they had various types of wines on offer, and not a single beer in sight.

now this might actually have more to do with the cheaply available wine associated with the multitude of French wineyards dotting the countryside than anything else, although if you spoke to anyone of them there at the party, i’m rather inclined to belief that they’d put this difference down to the Brits lack of sophistication/class instead!

second interesting point of note was that those of his friends who spoke good English all had a really American-sounding accent. “American TV” was the answer offered. (although again, i don’t think that adopting a British accent is a very wise choice in France) i spoke to a number of them at the party, and had a couple of interesting conversations.

one of them, Aurelian, had done a presentation on Singapore before. first fact that came to his mind: “you guys have some sort of a chewing gum ban don’t you?”

second fact: “oh and also you guys face a water shortage so you import from Malaysia, but you are trying to be self sufficient so you…”

“drink shit water”, i finished for him. technically not entirely correct, but i was tipsy (from the roller-coaster rides earlier that day in Disneyland, and not so so much the wine, which was a lot milder in comparison.) also, i was not about to push my luck at explaining the whole concept of reverse osmosis to a bunch of students from the 3rd best engineering school in France.

anyway sitting proudly on my desk at present, (although the iphone camera doesn’t do it much justice) a canvas painting bought from Montmartre, Paris:

if you asked me, it’s the only must-see thing in Paris if you had just one day to spend; the sparking white dome of the Basilique du Sacre-Couer cathedral at the summit of Montmartre is reminiscent of Helm’s Deep from the Lord of The Rings movie, and the paranomic view from atop the hill is simply astounding (it is the highest point in the city).


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