Cyprus Part 4: Random Activities

May 18, 2010 at 1:53 am (friends, life!, pictures)

just because i can’t think up a category for all the other bits and bops of random activities we did in Cyprus.

4. Barbecues!

Nick does the most amazing BBQs.

here he’s bringing down the prepared skewers from the kitchen. looks delicious doesn’t it?

a typical Cypriot BBQ consists mainly of pork (divine with a dash of lemon), haloumi cheese, special Cypriot sausages, and my personal favourite: chevtalles, which is this seasoned meat thingy unique to Cyprus (although i’ve probably got the spelling wrong).

it’s commonplace in Cyprus to own one of the portable BBQ pits like you see in the picture.

just in case you are thinking that it must be pretty amazing to have your own mini BBQ right next to the sea as and when you feel like it, it is!

the brilliant blue sky on our very first day there

our very own Cypriot chef, tending to the BBQ

hot off the grill!

and the results!

probably doesn’t look like much here, but tastes super! especially the haloumi cheese, which is probably the first time i’ve ever had barbequed cheese. (the cheese becomes a tad crispy and rubbery on the outside, and all melty inside; kind of like a barbequed marshmallow!)

the happy eaters.

and ice cold cider to go with the BBQ. superb.

yoghurt is a must-have for any Cypriot BBQ! it basically works as a much healthier substitute for mayonnaise. i’m a total convert now.

according to Nick the only thing yoghurt doesn’t go with is spaghetti. and fish. (he’s right! i’ve tried it with practically everything else…even in my sandwiches!)

filling up the pitta bread with the pork pieces, together with a dash of lemon and dollop of yoghurt. (i know i must be making you hungry, simply cause i’m making myself hungry too!)

my yummy plate of food!

and we spotted a parasailer on our first day there! turned out that we’d get to have a go at it ourselves just a few days later.

6. Waterpark

we went to Pafos Aphrodite waterpark on our second day in Cyprus.

Nick picked it because it was the only one which had a Greek mythology theme. it was such good fun, and you should definitely check it out if you ever visit Cyprus!

centaur and archer!

i think this one is supposed to look like Nick is getting stabbed. can’t explain Jin’s expression though. hahah

Heracles – the ride i found to be most thrilling in the whole park.

it’s basically made up of two long and completely dark tubes that hurtle you down so fast that whatever scream of terror you plan to let out doesn’t even make it past your throat.

emerging from the slide in total disbelief at how fast the thing went!

and the Kamikaze! this one is actually much milder than it looks.

hahah we planned this so that Nick could get a photo of me coming down; the trick was that i’d shout/scream really loudly when i was in the small tunnel near the top of the slide.

i think it was Jin who went down this one

they had a U-shaped slide too, like the one you get in Singapore’s Wow Wow Wet

with the beautiful park in the background.

Jin is obviously not in-sync with the cool dudes pose. (haha actually i just noticed this…the pose wasn’t premeditated at all! me and Nick are just on the same wavelength)

5. Alfresco dining

by the balcony. it’s always amazing to be eating right beside the sea, while the waves come crashing in.

playing Munchkins before meals. we played it quite a bit there!

a praying mantis we found on the balcony.

this shot was taken right before it attacked Jin’s nose. we warned him it was about to when we saw it doing the side-to-side swaying thing, but he insisted it was merely getting ready to jump off.

well, all i can say is that it’s his loss! hahahah

preparing the salad. once again, Nick makes the most amazing Mediterranean salads. the trick is to add abit of vinegar, olive oil, salt, and some grated cheese on top!

voila! the finished salad. perfect together with a chilled bacardi breezer.

after dinner activies – totally owning Jin at connect 4. (to be fair, i did have hours of practise during lectures with Ngiap, Leong Hao and Jaryl in JC.)

6. Parasailing!

gearing up for the ride!

getting the ropes ready for the parachute.

interesting thing was that the boat was operated by 2 Brits! apparently it’s common for Londoners to trade the gloom and rain of England for the sun, sand and sea in  Cyprus. the fact that both countries are European Union makes it easy for them to switch countries for work.

the boat ride in itself was pretty intense, as they intentionally steered it through the bigger waves, which resulted in a pretty bumpy trip! not for nothing does it have the words “Wave Rider” painted on its sides.

Jin getting ready to be hooked on the chute.

and Nick too!

there was only one other couple on the boat with us, a pair of newly-weds who had a parasailing trip included as part of the hotel’s wedding package plan. the lady was positively terrified. i didn’t do much to ease that with my (slightly exaggerated) report of going up. hahahah

just getting ready to lift off!

it works kind of like a kite, with the boat letting off more slack as the boat gains speed, and the wind picking us upwards and onwards.



and away! the guys in the boat reckoned we were 80 storeys up, no thanks to me telling them to let us up to the maximum height possible.

and the special view from the top, thanks to Nick who risked his camera taking it all the way up.

a top of the world feeling!

reeling us back in…

only to dunk us in the ocean (:

hahah i just realised that i look pretty nonchalant for someone who’s about to be dunked in the ocean.

and the final picture of the Cyprus series. pretty nice photo to end of huh?


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