British Medical Journal!

June 16, 2010 at 8:16 pm (life!, med, school)

over a year late, but someone alerted me to this recently:

  1. It’s good to see the debate shaping up, both here and in the rapid responses to the editorial by Alex and Laura on

    Here’s a flavour of some of the rapid responses received so far:

    Consultant psychiatrist Sunil K Raheja is struck that WHO doesn’t mention spirituality in its definition of health.

    “The spiritual has been ignored in a way not too dissimilar to how mental health was ignored because of an over emphasis on physical health,” he adds.

    For Carlo Bellieni, health should be considered as the “possibility of restoring previous skills, or to perform skills the average people who have our same condition can perform.”

    He adds: “Health is not the absolute wellbeing and the absence of any disease: this would exclude much people. Many disabled people show that they can get health, if we consider it as the realization of desires compatible with their state.”

    Medical student Ethan Goh concludes: “The ways people view health and illness, as well as their responses towards disease are as diverse as the definitions of health provided. However, despite this kaleidoscope of perceptions and responses towards health and illness, there is one common thread to be found; that is, everybody desires to be healthy.”

    Thanks for the submissions so far. Yes, we’d like you to use the blog, but I’ll keep monitoring the rapid responses and giving a flavour of them here.

    David Payne

hahaa yes it’s no big deal at all, but still chuffed! having my comment published and being quoted by the BMJ’s editor is probably the closest i’ll ever get to making it onto a medical journal.

…ok make that closest to ever making it onto a medical journal, period.

my original comment (if you are that bored with the world cup) can be viewed in it’s entity here.


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