Dayang Diving

July 22, 2010 at 1:15 am (life!, pictures)

diving was totally awesome! apart from the fact that i lost 4 kg over the one dive trip. no real surprise given that almost all the food was spicy.

anyway i saw turtles, cuttlefish, puffer fish, manta rays and many other huge fishes down under. on land, it was basically like paradise hanging out at the beach till sunset each day, chilling over a drink and the sea breeze in your hair. made many new friends too!

the full post should be up by the end of the this space!



  1. Anonymous said,

    you sure its a manta??!!
    you must be darn lucky to chance upon one there.

  2. deg3neration said,

    oops got it mixed up with the eagle ray! i hear they are bringing in manta rays to the Integrated Resorts aquarium though, together with whale sharks

  3. Anonymous said,

    haha. lucky nonetheless.
    nv chance upon one in Dayang before.
    you sure had one hell of an awesome trip there. congrats on ur advance certification
    hopefully will get to return there soon

    well, these magnificent creatures do not belong in captivity. by doing so will only be doing ourselves no good. in fact, the decision has already been overwritten after protests from the activists in Sg and the region.

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