Swim Drills

July 25, 2010 at 5:18 pm (friends, life!)


been starting to see some results from the drills lately. reduced my freestyle stroke count by 3!

anyway was practising butterfly drills at the club pool today when i noticed two girls at the edge observing me for the longest time. after giggling for what seemed eternity, they finally came up to me.

“can you teach us how to swim the butterfly?”

“sure i can try, but i’ve got to go soon though.”

and then they went on to ask me what i was doing (studying/working), and – get this – if i was a swim coach.

now it’s kinda amazing that they’d ask me to teach them the fly, let alone think that i was a coach, considering that i don’t usually swim fly and my technique is crap. the REAL coach says that i should do butterfly at university level though, apparently because most people are crap at it, and i’ve got a fair chance of being slightly less crap than the others. very encouraging.

off to Paavo’s birthday at Timbre now; and then there’s Wavehouse surfing/music, swim training, Timbre again (this time when Goodfellas are on – they are amazing!), tennis practise, a Japanese buffet (can never get too much of it), another 2 more Underwater World camps, a BBQ, Kallang cage football, church worship team practice (finally get to put that electric violin to good use), plus tightening the final few loose screws on the Laos/Thailand trip so we can book our flights.

all this happening in the coming week, and that’s not forgetting having to work my way round fitting that thousand and one meet-ups into the schedule.

how much do personal secretaries go for nowadays?



  1. Anonymous said,

    so smug so smug eeewwww!!!

  2. Anonymous said,

    hahah ehh where got smug?!?!! keep it up ethan (: butterfly ftw!

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