Paris, Disneyland

July 31, 2010 at 3:19 pm (friends, life!, pictures)

on the morning of Disneyland! French actors filming in Remy’s local supermarket.

arriving at Disney village

Remy checking out the park map. that place is HUGE!

Walt Disney Studios

from outside Disneyland

the first sight that greets you inside the park


first up, we went to catch the cars show. pretty spectacular car-chase sequences,  explosions and various other stunts!

the Hollywood tower, featuring a long elevator ride up and a series of sharp vertical drops. it was a blast. i took a similar ride in Japan’s Disney, except that it was called Twilight Tower of Terror.

the service elevator. i loved the effects on the way up! the doors would open on random “floors” and show ghostly figures and silhouettes. definitely not for the faint-hearted… there was this poor kid bawling at the end of the ride.

the new Disney generation! Monsters Inc.

Princess and the Frog

the Buzz Lightyear ride! my favourite ride in Disneyland since Japan. we had to go on it twice, but Remy beat me at it both times (you’ve got targets to aim at during the ride). to borrow his own words, he was “totally cheating” and repeatedly shot this thingy that gave him 10000 points..SO OBVIOUSLY A BUG.

Buzz Lightyear himself giving out instructions at Star Command

and there goes the ride!

the targets we were supposed to aim our laser guns at

Emperor Zurg getting pissed

and our final scores. like i said, totally cheating!

in Frontier Land, the Space Mountain ride

Stich, Alex’s favourite character if you recall, which is why i just had to have a picture with him for Alex. hahah

many more Stiches in different colours

Snow White’s Castle

Pirate’s Bay!

and the Mark Twain boat

the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which inspired the movie

photo with the ride operators after. haha they totally rock, such a fun-loving bunch! i’d only intended to take a picture with one pirate, but he promptly called the rest of his crew over!

Remy, doing his best Jack Sparrow impersonation

and the man himself! (no it’s not a statue)

a spitting image of Johnny Depp isn’t he? did a pretty mean impersonation, with the voice and one-liners all spot on too.

Remy having a laugh over “WHO’S GONNA WANT TO EAT YUCKY ENGLISH FOOD WHEN YOU ARE IN PARIS”. i quite agree with him on that count.

Indiana Jone’s ride. used to love reading the books!

one of the earlier shows! the big parade is at 7pm though

pardon the next 100000 photos, i have this particular obsession with taking a picture of every new furry Disney mascot i see.

the Incredibles! first time ever appearing inside Disney’s show. it’s one of my all time favourite movies!

Ratatouille! Remy’s favourite character in this movie is – no surprises here – Remy!

the princess getting ready to kiss the frog

and tada!

haha this dance move is totally Saturday Night Fever!

while waiting for the Haunted Mansion ride, one of my other favourite Disneyland rides! especially in Japan over Christmas, when they redecorated it into Tim Burton’s “the Nightmare Before Christmas”.

what you can expect to see inside. it’s not scary at all though, just fairly amusing!

next stop, Alice’s maze! couldn’t give it a miss, being the huge Alice in Wonderland fan that i am.

which way is the right way?

he’s gonna need a little of that “DRINK ME” shrinking potion to fit through that!

the maze itself is actually pretty difficult!

the weed-smoking caterpillar

and the Cheshire cat

finally reaching the castle at the end of the maze!

view from atop the castle

the teacup ride. one of the few rides i’ll never get onto when in Disneyland! it’s terribly dizzying

the Dumbo ride! one of my favourite rides when i was little


Jack and the Beanstalk

the small world ride! my other favourite ride when i was little. actually it’s still one of my favourites, which explains the next onslaught of photos to follow.

the castle from the outside is pretty amazing too

and in we gooooooo

pretty pretty!

recalls that particular Muse music video doesn’t it? (incidentally Invincible is one of my favourite Muse songs too)

an X-wing fighter at the Star Wars ride! haha ok geek alert..i’m a huge Star Wars fan

Snow White’s Castle again, this time at sunset

the last show at sun down

candy floss time

and kid with said huge ass candy floss

Buzz flirting with Jesse!

and caught in the act by Woody

the Incredibles doling out autographs

Remy back at halls

and i’m always up for yummy croissants after a nice long day at Disneyland!


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