So, What Specialty Are You Going To Do?

August 12, 2010 at 8:27 am (life!, med, school, pensieve)

or the first question that EVERYONE asks when they find out that you are doing medicine.


but let’s face it, no one ever really knows until after graduation, so i’ll just run through what interests me at the moment (with my extremely limited 2 years of exposure, and in no order of merit) for the sake of safe-keeping:

1. Sports Medicine

i’ve always been quite the sports person, therefore Sports Medicine would seem a natural choice.

only started thinking seriously about it last year though, when i found out that it’s one of the new specialties that’s rapidly developing in it’s own right within the UK (after speaking to the lecturer at the end of a sports science talk). currently one of my first choices for the BSC degree in the 4th year.

2. Anaesthesia

being able to handle practically every clinical situation thrown at you kind of appeals to me. ditto for Emed! plus there’s something romantic about a job which involves putting people into a deep slumber.

no? no. ok then, it’s just me hahah.

3. Ophthalmology

our eyesight is oft-taken for granted, but to be able to return vision to those without the ability to see the world in it’s full technicolor glory – now that’s just going to be swell, isn’t it?

besides, anything eye-related, and the entire mechanics of vision on it’s own is incredibly fascinating.

4. Pathology

ok let’s be honest here, i might just have been influenced a teeny weeny bit by a film, although Ming has been doing everything since then to convince me that Path is actually friggin boring, and really means nothing but hours and hours spent peering down a microscope.

it’s probably all the detective work, as well as the thinking and deductive parts of this field that appeal to me though.

5. Plastics/Dermatology

plastic surgery was my original intention when i initially decided on doing medicine some time around the age of 15, and the same goes for derm, although it’s less so for the both of them now.

i just think that keeping up with the rapidly evolving concept of what people define as “beauty” is going to make the job interesting.

6. Paeds

i’ve always had a thing for children (maybe it’s because i interact with them so well), so i’m not ruling out a real possibility of me going into this field. we have approximately the same mental age zest for life, you see.

special mention: Emed, Oncology

overall though i’m still pretty decided on medicine rather than surgery. i think the people interaction will mean a lot more to me than driving myself crazy wearing scrubs and a mask in a surgical theatre all day long. besides, i’m not quite ready to make friends out of scalpels and a pair of forceps just yet.



  1. bab said,

    I finally read 2 entries of your blog. They’re so long!!

  2. deg3neration said,

    long because of pictures! hahahah

  3. Anonymous said,

    long entries are good :P

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