Vang Vien Tubing

September 14, 2010 at 5:41 pm (life!)

this was CRAZY fun. i had all the wild party people at the bar whooping for me when i did a pull-up just to get a bit higher on the flying fox.

“trying to impress the ladies with those muscles huh?” this Aussie dude (whom i’d only befriended a few minutes before getting up on the flying fox for the first time) grinned approvingly when i finally managed to scramble out of the river – the rainy season meant it was flowing fairly swiftly, and if you missed the buoy thrown at you after plunging in, that would mean being swept a good 200 metres down the river.

anyway it’s reallyyyy high up. explains all the injuries you see in the first video. the view while you tube down the river is simply breathtaking.



  1. Mr & Mrs said,

    Huh u did this? It looks so scary!

  2. deg3neration said,

    yeah i did. it was friggin fun haha.
    it’s not very safe if you are not confident swimming. i had to rescue jin and the girls a few times coz the tubes just get washed about.

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