September 20, 2010 at 8:51 pm (life!, music, movies, pictures)

finally had the juice to upload the pictures from the sold-out Metric gig at the 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, from a long, long time ago. i wrote abit more about them in this post previously.

their setlist that evening was as follows:

  1. Twilight Galaxy
  2. Satellite Mind
  3. Front Row
  4. Help I’m Alive
  5. Empty
  6. Collect Call
  7. Gold Guns Girls
  8. Gimme Sympathy
  9. Sick Muse
  10. Dead Disco
  11. Love


  1. Monster Hospital
  2. Combat Baby [acoustic]

i didn’t know half the songs they played that day as i only got into them recently, but still managed to enjoy the concert immensely. it’s easy to see why this band is so popular elsewhere; in vocalist Emily Haines — a mass of high heels and windswept hair — Metric boast the next indie poster girl, while the four-piece’s cocktail of punkish guitars and dance beats make them festival favourites. their music genre (indie pop) is reminiscent of Broken Social Scene and Stars (whom i’m also a huge fan of). Haines has lent her vocals to many Stars’ albums, and members of the band also perform regularly with Broken Social Scene.

outside the 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire – just a convenient bus ride away from my place. i also found out to my delight there’s been a newly opened Japanese restaurant called Wasabi at Hammersmith Bus Station.

we arrived inside slightly earlier as we were in the priority queue, and somehow managed to get ourselves right to the first row.

the opening act, Wolf Gang, were surprisingly good – definitely one of the best i’ve seen at any gig so far!

and finally, Emily Haines! mixing the beats on the synthesizer to their first song, Twilight Galaxy

Twilight Galaxy began as an ambient synth ballad before exploding into frenetic rock, replete with headbanging from Haines.

Metric concert

she frequently prowled the stage to showcase her repertoire of adorable idiosyncratic dance moves, including one of particular badass-ness that can only be described as karate kick-esque (it involves a high kick).

plus, she plays the guitar too!

doing a duet for their encore

and coming on stage together again for their final curtain bow.

Bryan after the concert

and the merchandise on offer.

the next gig i’ll be attending is Lifehouse this October, followed by Goo Goo Dolls in November.
firms are starting tomorrow; i’m doing Gastrointestinal at Northwick Park Hospital. wonder how that’s gonna turn out!

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