Surfing At Wavehouse

September 22, 2010 at 4:54 pm (friends, life!, pictures)

1-for-1 on Wednesdays, so me, Glen, Yuxuan, Jipson and Nick decided to check it out.

it’s located on Sentosa island, just a short walk away from Beach Station.

the Flow Rider! there are a maximum of 10 persons for each lane, and you take turns to get on when the previous person falls off.

the water jet’s pressure is so strong that you get swept upwards into a pit each time you fall, which makes falling half the fun, seriously! just imagine going up a slide against gravity. plus there are a million and one ways you can fall, so you never get bored of it!

contemplating the challenge awaiting us ahead on the Flow Barrel. basically the main difference from the Flow Rider is that it’s over a much larger area. also, there’s a properly HUGE wave that comes crashing over you while you surf (makes it much more realistic). the operators describe it as “being in a washing machine” after you fall. pretty apt, i would say.

probably telling us to tense our body and cover our heads when in the “washing machine”.

the rest of the guys!

Nick getting ready for his turn

the ginormous wave on the Flow Barrel. there are different levels corresponding to different water jet pressures, ranging from level 1 to 5. i could do 3 comfortably by the end of our 2-hour long session (we didn’t have the time to try 4 and 5).

level 1. the Caucasian guy waiting for his turn behind me is the surf director (ie boss) of Wavehouse; he’s really, really skillful. chatted with him for a bit and found out he was there to practise for a competition coming up that weekend. great guy, offered to buy me drinks after and gave me a couple of surfing tips too!

level 3! the water flows ALOT faster. you basically start of holding the rope to stabilize yourself…

and then let go when you are fairly confident of keeping your balance. most people just don’t let go though coz they fall shortly after. hahah either that or they fall even while holding the rope. Yuxuan spent quite a bit of time doing that.

just about enough time to smile for the camera!

like i said, falling’s half the fun. well ok…maybe not so much when on the Flow Barrel!

overall verdict: it’s an enormous blast, and i’m definitely hitting the place again next time i’m back. bring friends too and it’s all the better for laughs at each others spectacularly unglamorous falls (oxymoron, much) – Yuxuan definitely won the award for that one this time round.

Wavehouse is such a great idea – music, drinks, and a really really fun thing to do go so well together. it’s such a great alternative to the usual movie/supper when hanging out with friends, plus it operates till really late too (12 or 1ish which means you can hit the place after school/work). only problem is getting OFF the island after, although i think they do operate a shuttle on weekends.

anyway i’ve got a one-week snowboarding trip at the French Alps coming up this December; that should be pretty good too! i can probably still use all the winter clothes from the last ski trip in Hokkaido, plus i’ll get a chance to test out the new camera’s sub-zero survivability.

PS i REALLY need to overcome this massive inertia to start my violin and guitar practise again soon.


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