Medical Journal Entries

September 27, 2010 at 6:19 pm (life!, med, school)

Dr Ritish, on the perils of not properly doing introductions before clerking/examining patients.

hapless 3rd year medical student (from a few years back) brandishes syringe, says to patient: “don’t worry, it’s just a little prick with a needle.”

patient: “yes i know you’re a prick, but where’s my doctor?”

clerking started today. there are a standard list of questions we always ask but expect negatives to when taking a patient history, one of which is “take any recreational drugs?” i mean, who really admits to using recreational drugs, right?

well apparently there are; this really cool 50 year old-ish Jamaican guy i clerked last year proudly admitted to smoking weed, “every now and then, since he was 13”. helped improve his asthma, no less. i must say though, he did look in pretty good shape for a 50 year old.


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