Why Are You Wearing A Suit?

October 13, 2010 at 9:53 pm (friends, life!, med, school, randoms)

wore a suit to school for lectures today. slanted tie, untucked shirt, whatever. a suit is still a suit! i must say though that i got into a suit in the morning a lot quicker than i thought i would have; maybe it’s to do with dressing semi-formal to hospital every day. good practice for when the time comes to put a penguin mascot suit on.

Mantej, i would like to add that i am very disappointed in you. being already late to lectures is no excuse for not coming in a suit.



(just pointed and snapped a shot at random to check that the camera was switched back from video mode, and whaddaya know, it’s a brilliant picture of a suited guy on a bicycle!)


not a suit
(but random picture from the boat trip down the Thames to Greenwich last weekend)

hahah i’m a genius that way – like this i won’t have to do a post on that + upload the rest of the pictures. magic!


1 Comment

  1. Contingent Wissendurst said,

    You look very handsome.

    Would you want to be my friend?

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