Eat, Sleep, Train, Tube

October 18, 2010 at 9:09 pm (swim, american football)

had a clinical skills teaching today – it was on taking patient readings and such. i got in on time remarkably, given that first the Picadilly-Uxbridge train was severely delayed, and then i somehow transpired to get onto a fast train which skipped my station. it wasn’t all bad in the end though as the teaching nurse had her times mixed up and came in for 930 instead of 9 am, which is exactly when i finally arrived at Northwick Park.

the first part of the session was on respiratory readings, and involved the use of nebulizers, peak flow meters and inhalers. my peak expiratory flow rate was 790 L/min, which Dean duly noted was off the chart below as he tried to compare it against my height and weight. resting blood pressure and heart rate was below average too, which struck me as fairly odd given that i stopped training for literally 2 whole months and just ate, slept, and traveled. plus i ate a lot of butter too. the cholesterol level picture probably won’t be looking as rosy.

anyway a peak expiratory flow rate is basically used to measure a person’s maximum speed of expiration using a peak flow meter. or in simpler terms, to test how strong your expiratory muscles are by blowing out into a small hand-held device as quickly as possible, primarily to measure lung capacity in COPD/asthmatic patients.

apparently if you are a wind instrument player, singer or athlete, your reading is higher than the norm. given that i don’t belong to the first two, (although i do have rather frequent disagreements with Jin over the second) i’m guessing i have the intensive swims to thank for my PEF measurement.

on that note, i managed to do 5 training sessions (including American football) last week as i skipped one swim for football on Wednesday. been doing pretty okay on both fronts so far; or rather, i haven’t been dropped by either teams – which is good enough by my standards hahah. our Italian swim coach Sergio is hilarious, but more on that another time.

Wednesday’s football was great; we played 5-a-side for 3 hours at Lily Park with two 5th year medics joining in. me, Tom and Ben were on the same team at first in a 4 vs 6 game, but we were winning by a big margin so they split the three of us up and it became fairly even.

and then the three of us wanted to play on the same side again coz it’s fun when everyone’s on the same wavelength, but one of the 5th years was like “you might as well just lie us down on the floor and rape us”. so Tom cleverly suggested that we play us 3 against the 7 of them.

now at first i thought it was a joke, and then it gradually dawned on me that he actually MEANT it. it was kind of ridiculous, given that they could have had 2 persons marking each one of us (including our goalkeeper for goodness knows what) at any one time with a person to spare, but we somehow still contrived to win. by quite a bit.

random fact of the day:
beer does not make you FAT – it makes you LEAN…

…..against tables, chairs, floors, walls and ugly people.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why i don’t drink beer.


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