Let’s Play Ball

October 19, 2010 at 6:51 pm (swim, american football)


got hit twice on Sunday during American football training by Maciej, a 106 kg Polish linebacker who had earlier in the day repeatedly stated his desire to “kill someone during training today” (girl issues), but hey – that’s why we wear pads and helmet.

(during a pass blocking play)

Coach: (points) ok guys, you are supposed to block him from hitting the quarterback.

Other 50-something kilos running back: no way..look at my size and his, i can’t block him!

Coach looks pointedly at me. (i’ve realised that he’s been doing that quite a lot lately)

Me: ok great so you want me to block a guy who’s out to kill somebody today. (said linebacker was having the conversation with the coach just moments ago while i was within earshot)

Coach: yepppp! (decidedly a little bit too enthusiastic for my liking at this point)

Me: fantastic.

i think it’s fair to say that i didn’t come out on top either time (both figuratively and literally), although i did fulfill my role the first time round as the linebacker was so intent on “killing someone” that he simply made a beeline for me and the quarterback was able to run free all the way to score a touchdown.

just for the record, pass-blocking is not really the main job of a running back, which is the position i play in the team; the primary aim is to run with the ball and avoid tackles to score a touchdown.

short summary, you are the guy handed the ball by the quarterback most of the time, (at least in our league) with the 11 guys on the other team chasing you in order to hit you as hard as they possibly can. it’s not like rugby where you pass the ball when someone is charging you down in a tackle; you just have to outrun everyone and hope the rest of your team do a good job of blocking most of the guys on the other team from hitting you.

demonstration below, but for a slightly longer explanation, read on (copied whole-sale from Ehow. i know it’s a bit rubbish but Wikipedia wasn’t any better):

Running back is one of the top two glamorous positions in American football, the other being quarterback. If a team has a good running back it can cover a multitude of faults.  Because of the versatility of the position, there are several different types of running backs in American Football. Some are large and strong, while others are smaller but incredibly fast at running straight and agile enough to change direction quickly. A running back is the closest to an all-round player on the offensive field and must be able to block the charging linebackers when the quarterback throws, run with the ball and must also be excellent at catching passes. A running back is likely to be involved in a tackle whenever on the pitch, be it defending the QB or going forward. There are exceptions but generally the best athletes play running back in American football.



  1. Mr & Mrs said,

    I got an iPhone 4! What’s the app u said I can download to SMS free?

    • deg3neration said,

      Hello! is the one i was talking about. although it seems to be a bit buggy now, at least for me. hahaha i might be getting Whatsapp, you should check that out too apparently that’s really good but it costs about 2 dollars i think

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