Friday Night Lights

November 5, 2010 at 2:15 am (friends, life!, swim, american football)

when the boys all come out to play.

American football today was really good. i scored 2 touchdowns out of 3 tries in a Defensive-line/Offensive-line set up, but got scraped a bit at the elbows and wrist during the one unsuccessful play. bleeding wasn’t the issue actually, the main sticky bit was getting blood all over a borrowed white Nike tee-shirt from another guy at training. used a paper towel and sellotape to cover it up when i got home because the wound was too big for a normal plaster. the end result was pretty funny because the brown sellotape looked so ridiculously silly; what wasn’t so funny was realizing that we had all the stethoscopes, patella hammers and neurotips in the world, but not a single Hansaplast plaster in sight.

a number of guys attempted to point out to me that i was bleeding in a rather messy fashion while on the tube along the way back. maybe they thought i hadn’t noticed because i appeared fairly nonchalant about a still-dripping wound.

“dude you are BLEEDING! are you alright?”
“yeah it’s fine…i’m not going into shock or anything” – then quickly realizing that shock really refers to what you experience watching Busty Heart do her thing on Germany’s Got Talent for the first time (and not what i had intended), hence the blank stares i got in reply.

we had a new running back coach today (Ryan our American coach is on holiday), who’s also coaching the London Cobras, one of the top 3 teams in London. he told me i was one of the fastest, if not the fastest player in the team. everyone seems to be telling me that lately –

“mate you are f***ing fast, like by the time he turned around to tackle you after you went past him you were already twice his distance.”
“i’ll down a few cans of red bull beforehand so i can try and keep up with you next session.”

slightly bemusing as i honestly don’t think i’m THAT quick, but if you want my secret, i think wearing bright yellow boots help. seriously.

like these ones...

anyway contrary to what most people think, you don’t just get huge guys randomly clattering into each other (à la Holly wood’s portrayal) in American football; the gameplay itself is more a combination of chess and rugby. said aspect of the sport is what really appeals to me, in a similar manner to how chess boxing does.

everyone on the field begins each play in a carefully specified position, and right before the play starts, no movement is allowed from that position (or it’s a penalty). it’s like positioning your pieces in chess – you want your big guys in front as a row of defence for your quarterback and running back. when the play starts you want those players to move into certain spaces to create the best openings for the ball-carrier to run into, hopefully resulting in a touchdown if he manages to reach the end-zone.

the permutations of positions and plays resulting from the different strategies that teams employ are countless, with each team setting up his 11 offensive or defensive players to counter the other team’s. we’ve got a 45-page long play book for our season this year, with a million diagrams that we’ve got to learn by heart for offense alone; don’t know how i’m going to manage every single one of them.

by the time i got back from training at Harlington sports ground it was past 11 pm. had to quickly whip up some dinner and psych myself up for swim training again the next day. hope i’ll still get to train, given my real potential of bleeding into the pool. guess i’ll just have to convince them that the brown sellotape is holding up a lot better then it looks.


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  1. Mr & Mrs said,

    Sounds gross. Think u should go buy some plasters!!

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