The 7 Different Faces Of Wayne Lee

November 14, 2010 at 7:20 pm (friends, life!, randoms)

looking gloomily  at the remnants of his Star Wars lightsaber cake


went over for Wayne’s birthday party over the weekend as he had just turned 8, and had a yummy steamboat dinner with Wayne and family after. he’s done quite a bit of growing up since the last time i saw him, plus they’ve got two newly acquired pet chinchillas!

i had a random thought today which i posed to Jin over dinner at GBK in Earl’s Court (it always starts with “Jin i’ve got a really really really pertinent question!”:

if an elephant was trying to slurp up the last drops of its strawberry smoothie from a glass, how would it go about doing it?

my theory is that it’d put its trunk in, and then wiggle it about here and there while sucking really hard, sort of like a how you’d do with a straw. (assuming a really tiny baby elephant or a really gigantic elephant-sized cup here)

Jin thinks that it’d just use its trunk to pick up the cup and tip it upside down to direct the smoothie into its mouth.

me: “what? didn’t you go that it’d use its trunk to crush the cup and slurp up the smoothie while we were at GBK a few moments ago?”

Jin: “yeah but that was just me being silly then..”

you see we can actually be serious when it comes down to it.


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