Chunky Dunking

November 19, 2010 at 7:47 pm (life!, pictures, swim, american football)

like skinny dipping, but for fat people.

upcoming ULU Gala next Saturday for London universities. going to be doing the 25m butterfly, 50m breast and 4 x 25 or 50m medley relay, depending on what the swim cap decides to put me in. am really just entering to make up the numbers, but at least i can feel myself finally getting a bit of fitness back after all the crazily intensive lap x 10000000 trainings – just about in time too for the race.


it’s been kind of a fine balance between swim trainings and American football so far, as we have game days for the latter on most Sundays and swim trainings on Saturdays. it means i usually have to decide whether to make the Saturday training (on top of the Monday and Friday trainings) and risk being exhausted for the football game the next day. case in point – we did something like 8 sets of 6 x sprints and ended with a relay last Saturday. Sergio is crazy; his idea of a “fun game” at the end of the session is always some other twisted training exercise. hahah but he is such a funny Italian.

big game coming up this Sunday against the Southbank Spartans; time to rewrite movie history!



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