ULU Gala Race

November 27, 2010 at 11:54 pm (life!, med, school, swim, american football)

25 m butterfly
25 m breast
50 m breast
4 x 25 freestyle
4 x 50 freestyle
4 x 50 medley (i did butterfly)
8 x 25 freestyle
8 x 50 mixed freestyle

completely knackered at the end, as i was put down for 3 events but ended up doing the above 8 events. we were up against swimmers from Kings and Queen Marys; it’s funny how the competition involves Imperial, Kings and Queen Marys – maybe it should be called the royalties swimming competition instead (pretty sure i’m missing something a lot wittier there but oh well).

Imperial came in first overall, and our randomly cobbled-together relay team surprisingly managed to place second for the 25 m freestyle relay. very unexpected, given that the only 3 races i had intended to do didn’t include freestyle (although i somehow ended up doing it for half my events anyway). it was really good fun though, and i made a number of new friends.

all in all it has been a really crazy week leading up to the weekend (explaining my prolonged absence from this blog, sorry Matt!!) as i had swim on Monday, a gym session and swim on Tuesday and Wednesday, American football on Thursday, swim again on Friday and the race today, followed by American football training again tomorrow at Hyde Park. speaking of which, we won against the Southbank Spartans in overtime for the last match. it was really close right till the final whistle, which finished 20-14 to us.

the weather in London is also starting to get freezing cold, with temperatures averaging -3 degrees Celsius this past week. didn’t stop me from rocking up to training in shorts and flip-flops on Friday though. hahah it’s like standard hit-the-pool attire for me.

last Friday at Northwick Park Hospital also concluded my first 10-week gastro firm for the year. i’ve enjoyed being on wards thoroughly; managed to learn a great deal from being with Dr Pitcher and team. did quite a bit during my time there as well, from taking histories to conducting various systemic examinations, and from interpreting chest x-rays to cannulation, catherization and abdominal drains. it’s a month of clinical specialties lectures at Charing Cross hospital next, followed by my 2nd surgical firm at Chelsea West.

everything’s starting to get really Christmasy too, which is brilliant because i love Christmas! there’s Christmas lights at Oxford and Regent Street, ice-skating at the Natural History museum, Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, Christmas sales and hordes of frantic shoppers everywhere, Last Christmas by Wham! on the radio, and supposedly, snow really really soon. the grass is starting to get all iced over and crunchy, and it’s apparently already snowing most of Britain apart from London.

i’ve got this Christmas playlist on my ipod that i basically listen to all year round. hahah kinda sneaky, but it does feel good to be in that mood every now and then. it doesn’t seem too long ago when Jin was giving me stick for putting the playlist on in April, all throughout the exams revision period. can’t believe it’s approaching again this quick, not that i’m complaining!



  1. tzmatthew said,

    haha i have no idea how you manage to swim, play american football, do med school, AND blog :P

  2. deg3neration said,

    haha yeah agree trying to blog regularly IS the hard bit in there lol. you should start one too!! i’ll read it every day.

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