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December 5, 2010 at 7:24 pm (life!, randoms)


am trying to acquire a skateboard off eBay; figured it would get me down to swim and football a bit quicker, maybe Charing Cross hospital too. less friction when on wheels, you see.

other random emails for the week:

1. House party (Nick)

Hello everyone,
We r having a massive x-mas house party with drinks and nibbles on friday the 10th (next frid) at 8:30pm. Hope u guys can all make it. RSVP

Jin, Nick & Ethan

2. Boooooooze balling (Ritish, our registrar at NPH)

To all citizens of Northwick Park Hospital,
The time has come again – getting drunk and devouring chicken or devouring chicken and getting drunk!

The Place – Park Royal shithole
The date – friday 26th Nov
The time – 1330 onwards

Hasta la vista :-)

3. Sabaidee (Si Her, Vang Vien organic farm)

hi how are you? I hope you will very well and you study doing well also. miss you chicken. I very happy that you are having plan to come back to laos I hope to see you next year Iwill wait you at vang ving organice farm okey and we going to the bar againg(THE MOON) did you remember?

4. 你好吗 (Ms Lum, Primary 4 Chinese teacher)

忠敏,还记得我吗?哈哈,终于从Samuel Kwok 的facebook中找到你了。你在日本?读书?工作?妈妈好吗?代我问候她。哈哈……其实我常常想起你们,可是不知道如何与你们联络
在Ahood Rd的学生我记得比较多,如冼卓佳,刘禧政,朱自清、柯文胜、屈志文,黄树荣等等,不知道除了志文,其他几个和你同年级吗?
高才班老师还在ACS的已不多,CL只有我,MA有MR Terry Tan ,SC有Mr Chan SP,SS有MS woon,英文全离开了,其他都是新老师。当你回来度假时,希望你能约一些同学回校走走,不然再过几年,可能所有老师都是你们不认识的。

5. Re: Study (Dr Jean, St Mary’s hospital)

The simulation training is an intensive two day course teaching laparoscopy and colonoscopy at ST MARY’s.  You would need to be free either today and tomorrow for a few hours, and next weekend. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.


6. [Imperial Immortals] Xmas Dinner (Tom, American football social secretary)

Alright Lads,
It’s that time of year again, CHRISTMAS DINNER, this festive treat will be held at the Famous Three Kings on Monday 13th December so make sure you keep this date free.
We will be meeting at the union after lectures at 5, having a few drinks then heading over to F3K together at 6.30/7.
The price for the meal will be £15 which includes 3 courses and there will be some drinks provided by the club as well.

If you want to attend you need to email me back ASAP with your choices for the meal. They are:

1st course
1.       Tomato Soup
2.       Prawn and salmon mousse
3.       Chicken live rand cranberry pate

2nd course
1.       Turkey dinner
2.       Pork Loin steak with mushroom sauce
3.       Red onion and goats cheese tart
4.       Grilled salmon fillet with tarragon sauce

3rd course
1.       Xmas Pudding
2.       Chocolate fondant
3.       Fruits of the forest mess
4.       Ice cream

You need to do this or you will not be able to come as I need numbers by the end of next week.
The dress code is smart/casual but there will be prizes for the best Christmas twist people have put on their outfit. There will also be a raffle with a special mystery prize

Club Love

7. MACLEOD’S CLINICAL EXAMINATION (universalbooks09, 99.4% Positive Feedback)

This member has a question for you.

Dear deg3neration,

Dear Customer,
We have seen that you have left us a negative feedback reason being you were sold an international edition. We would like to tell you that following wordings were clearly mentioned in the item description:

Please read this carefully before buying.

* Brand new book in original shrink wrap.
* Comes with online access
* Printed in full colour on high qulaity glossy paper.
* International edition (not the cheap indian edition)
* On the top of the cover international edition and “not for sale in USA Canada etc. is written.
* Does not come with a DVD
* Word to word same contents, same cover, same edition, same author printed by the same publisher but overseas so its an International Edition.

Kindly let us know whether we are suppose to be blamed as we clearly stated in the item description what we were selling.

*guess what? i traced DHL and it was delivered from India – which explained why it took all of 3 weeks for me to finally receive it (that’s what got my beef in the first place). also they sent me erroneous replies when i inquired, stating that DHL had delivered when i was not at home. that clearly did not happen as the book was still languishing somewhere in Heathrow airport, after it’s delightful long-haul flight from India (i know because i checked with DHL).

8. [Swim-List] ACC Bar Night (Thomas, swim social secretary)

£7 from me (yay)  or £8 on the door (boo)
ALL you can drink. There is a 32 Kegs supply.
It’s going to be epic. End of.

The theme for fancy dress will be pirates.
This means: eye patches, swords, bandanas, stripy tops, ragged trousers etc. etc.


9. Training (Coach Spence, American football offensive coach )

Hi Ethan,

Just wanted to email you and say that I was really impressed with how you trained today. If you can keep this up you will get a lot of game time vs Kings next  Sunday.

Take Care
Coach Spencer

10. HTB Criminal Record Bureau forms (i am bad with forms)

Dear Ethan

I am afraid I am still emailing you about the CRB forms which I have not received back.

I have checked with HTB and they say that you still do have to complete the forms.  I sent you the new purple form on 22 July and have tried to contact you many times since then.

Please could you return the completed forms once they have been verified at the Post Office.  It should not take you long.  You are volunteering to work with children and it is absolutely essential that we have a cleared CRB for you for their protection.

I would really appreciate you calling me on 01825 746505 as soon as possible.  I had noted that you were in Singapore in September but I did send you the first pack on 20 April 2010 so really would like to get all this sorted as soon as possible.  7 months is quite a long time to be chasing a form!!

Many thanks.

realised after trawling through my inbox that the bulk of email i receive are from the medics union, American football and swimming. and yes, for the record, i have gone down to the Post Office.


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  1. Mr & Mrs said,

    The one from your old teacher is so sweet!! You really should go visit her with your classmates when you’re back. She’ll be really happy.

    And poor Liz. She’s just doing her job. I have to agree with her that 7 months IS indeed a VERY long time to be filling a form!!!

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