London Bowl

January 4, 2011 at 7:51 pm (friends, life!, pictures, swim, american football)

as promised, pictures from our big match! thanks to Coach Spence, and some random iphone snaps in the locker room prior to the game.

needless to say, we were all really hyped up for this game as Kings have always been our biggest rivals; that they bought a trophy just for this match didn’t help matters.

Jackson Xing! our centre and snap. he raps Eminen awesomely, which is quite amusing coz he raps English way better than he speaks English. hahah i practise speaking Chinese with him sometimes so that i don’t forget how to completely. but seriously the whole team loves him. team mascot!

Al, LB and Tino, fellow running backs; Micheal who taught me how to do the squid and snail hand thingys when someone is hi-fiving or fist punching you (hilarious), and Matt wide receiver.

Rob our quarterback. getting some Micheal Jackson moves on here hahah

football kit in the changing room

lunch! game days usually start with some football practice, then a packed lunch we bring along (CARBS!), warm-up and then the game proper.

lining up before the team is called. this happens every game.

some of our cheerleaders heh

team captains!


everyone in position and Rob prepared to take the snap from Jackson.

it looks like a massive brawl on the left of the picture, while Rob swings out to release the pass.

Rob gets a bear hug from the opposing defense. lucky he’s already released the ball, otherwise it’s a sack.

Maciej at work (yes same 106 kg guy who hit me first day of training). fantastic technique to bring down the ball carrier here. he’s probably our best tackler.

team huddle for the next play call.

forgot what i was doing here (yellow boots). probably tracking back to block someone after a punt return.

half time!

‎Coach James: “what do you mean you don’t like my sunglasses!?”

linesmen getting some instructions from Coach Franco and Coach Thom

with Zubin and Dan Groszek!

i love how 52 is grabbing someone by the helmet. hahaha its probably Quirin, our German linesman. that guy is as big as a bear.

and the aftermath.

this picture rocks. our defense did a great job preventing their offence from scoring, with the final score 20-0 to us after 3 touch downs and a converted field goal.

Home Away
Imperial Immortals 26 29 Surrey Stingers
Royal Holloway Bears 0 12 Imperial Immortals
Imperial Immortals 20 14 LSBU Spartans
Kings College Regents 0 20 Imperial Immortals

3rd in the league going into 2011 after 3 wins and a narrow loss to the Stingers! am particularly looking forward to the match against Southampton as it will be an away game for us, which means that we will have to travel down to Southampton for the game. i’ve been wanting to go back there for a visit quite a while now, (as i grew up there) and it does seem the perfect chance to do so this time. the game will be another matter though as they have a really strong team and are one of the favourites to make the finals, but we’ll see how it goes!

and finally a random team picture at Hyde park after practise. hanging out with the team and cheerleaders is such a blast.

lately the whole bunch of guys on the team have developed this bizarre obsession with my thighs (makes me cringe just to type this), with George, Geoff, Rob and Tom being the main perpetrators – “how heavy are the weights you squat?” “no seriously – George wants to get your thighs dude. tell us how you do it.”
“what swimming? okay you’ve got it. we are all going swimming together from now on. i’m just going to grab a kickboard and go kicking for 50 laps everyday. 50 laps everyday.”

unfortunately it manifested in a big way during the last Christmas dinner at 3 Kings, a pub just down the road from my place with Tom Rhoades going round trying to get every single one of the cheerleaders to feel up my thighs –
Tom: ok feel my thighs. now go feel his in comparison.
Cheerleaders: we don’t just go about feeling up random guys thighs!
Tom: alright then. Deli, Cheryl, Mari…etcetc. meet Ethan. Ethan, meet Deli, Cheryl, Mari…etcetc.

-silent pause-

Tom: ok great we are all friends now. now go feel his thighs.

and then we were playing this really retarded game invented by Rob called one-inch punch. basically you sit in a circle of 4 and do the Bruce Lee one-inch punch thing on the guy next to you until someone folds out. withdrawing your hand to a distance greater than 1 inch before making the punch results in a penalty in the form of an extra punch from the guy you committed the offence against.

luckily for me, i had Maciej and Tino next to me – no one else had wanted to get in the same round as Maciej. he kindly left me a nice bump on my forehead for the next 4 days after a proper punch to the head. (he had withdrawn his hand, not that the penalty i got against him was going to help any to making the bump disappear).

i still thought the game was retarded at the end of it. Tino, on the other hand, had the widest grin ever plastered right across his face. (“this might just be the best game ever invented”).
now seriously.

hahah but it’s memories like these with the team that i guess i’ll never forget.


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