January 18, 2011 at 4:39 pm (life!, med, school)

changing lockers for theatre in Chelsea Westminster hospital. not fully scrubbed up as we were just observing a couple of orthopedic operations while attached to a anaesthetic firm.

random thoughts:

1. i think anaesthetists get bored as hell during the operation. explains her keenness to teach us. (and the legendary crossword puzzles, although i’m wondering if they’ve since moved on to Iphone games?)

2. surgeon listening to Paramore during hip replacement surgery = win.

3. ACL repair is keyhole and under GA. looked a much bigger operation than i had imagined. felt inclined to inform friend with a torn ACL during ski trip.

4. orthopedic surgery is a grisly affair. hammers? check. chisels? check. electric sledgehammer and drill thingys? check. blood and bone flying everywhere, and operating surgeons wearing bio-hazard look-alike suits to avoid being smeared in bits and pieces? all check.

5. surgery is still not my teacup.


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