Sad :( (via Mr & Mrs)

January 25, 2011 at 8:35 pm (life!, med, school)

So Mr and I entered this random picture contest that could possibly win us S$600 worth of West Coast vouchers (that’s 12 cans of milk powder = 3 months worth!) and a holiday, and my best-est brother worked really, really hard to get us 800+ votes. We thought we were all set and told K that his uncle worked very hard to help make him a happy chubby baby, but when I randomly checked the contest site today, I found that we had a competitor who earned 100+ votes, which turned to 800 votes in just one day :(

So in my  bid to get 12 cans of K’s favourite drink, I’m now sitting in front of my computer (after working 12 hours straight), gulping down dinner and Facebook-ing people to get votes. :(

via Mr & Mrs

haha seriously this dude is just wasting my time man. but if you want to help me out go click on “like” for my sister’s picture, or get your friends to click “like”. heck set up a facebook account for your pet and get it to “like” the pic too.

it has paws for a reason.

on an unrelated note…i helped assist in 2 childbirths today (also my first time seeing one) – a baby followed by a pair of twins. was attached to the anaesthetist, who got us to assist in supporting the airways of the patient during the procedure. anaesthesia is starting to appeal to me, they seem to do a wide variety of stuff across the hospital.



  1. tzmatthew said,

    when does the comp end?

  2. Ethan said,

    it ends 14 Feb. haha hey if u can get your friends to help like as well it’d be great! thanks!

  3. Mr & Mrs said,

    Thanks loads Matthew!

    & bro, the twins are not babies??! (as u implied)

  4. Ethan said,

    how did i imply otherwise

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