Secret Restaurant Menus

January 28, 2011 at 6:50 pm (randoms)

Mention “secret menus” and many people think of hidden functions on Blackberries or Xbox games. Actually, secret menus refers to items you can special order at restaurants that aren’t mentioned on standard menus.

Some places, like Chipotle Mexican Grills, have a whole secret menu that’s limited only by your imagination. On the other hand, In-N-Out Burger’s “secret menu” is so unsecret it’s posted on their Web site. Kind of takes the cool factor out of having the inside scoop, doesn’t it?

If you’re looking to impress a date or just like that feeling of “knowing the chef,” here are a few restaurants that offer secret menus. Remember, not all may participate in the hidden menu. However, if you try to order something and the server looks at you with a blank look, don’t give up. Describe the dish and usually they’ll make it for you anyway.

Just keep it under your hat.

Burger King

  • Mustard Whopper – This is a normal Whopper with one difference, mustard is spread onto the sandwich instead of mayo.
  • Veggie Whopper – A great alternative for vegetarians who love the flavor of Burger King, the beef is substituted for with a veggie patty.
  • BLT – A bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich that comes in either a small or medium size.
  • Ham and Cheese – A classic sandwich option that you can have served either hot or cold.
  • Frings – An order of frings will split your French fry order with onion rings.
  • Suicide Burger – This is a large burger including four meat patties, four slices of cheese, bacon and special sauce.
  • Rodeo Burger – A burger assembled with onion rings and bbq sauce on it.
  • BK Club – This sandwich is the Original chicken sandwich with bacon, tomato, and cheese.

 Burger King Secret Menu
Left to Right: Rodeo Burger, Suicide Burger.

Dairy Queen

  • Chocolate Chip Blizzard – This blizzard sounds like your basic chocolate chip ice cream, but its not. It is made with quick to harden chocolate usually used on the dipping cones.
  • Banana Split Blizzard – All your basic banana split flavors blended together into a blizzard.
  • Jack and Jill Sundae – A classic sundae with marshmallow and hot fudge.
  • Lavender Blue Sundae – This is a blueberry sundae with marshmallow.
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate – In some places this is still on the menu seasonally, but basically it is hot chocolate blended with ice to give it a frozen crunch.
  • Peanut Buster Parfait – This is a multi level sundae combining fudge, vanilla soft serve, and peanuts.

 Dairy Queen Secret Menu - Peanut Buster Parfait
Peanut Buster Parfait


  • Poutine – This is a Canadian favorite that includes French fries, fried cheese curds, and gravy layered together.


Long John Silvers

  • Side of Crumbs – This is a (Free!) box of fried batter parts that have fallen off the fried fish or chicken. Great to put on top of salads.



  • Biscuits and Gravy – This one may only be available in the South – but it’s the classic combination of gravy smothering hot biscuits.
  • McKinley Mac – A big Mac with quarter pounder patties.
  • Grilled Cheese – A bun grilled with American cheese inside.
  • Big Mac with Quarter Pounder Patties – This is great if you are looking to decrease the cost and calories of the classic Big Mac Sandwich. You get the entire flavor with less meat.
  • All American – This is a normal sized hamburger with only pickles and ketchup.
  • Big McChicken – This is a huge sandwich in which the chicken patties replace the bun.
  • Fries with Big Mac Sauce – Fries smothered in the secret and special big Mac Sauce.
  • Chicken and Waffles – This is a McGriddle sandwich with chicken in the middle.
  • Neopolitan Milk Shake – 1/3 vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice creams blended together into one shake.
  • McLeprichon – This shake is only available in March and is composed of the shamrock shake mixed with the chocolate shake making a mint chocolate shake.
  • Pie McFlurry – If you purchase a pie you can have it blended into your McFlurry.
  • McGangBang – This is a double cheeseburger with a chicken patty in between the two beef patties.
  • Land, Sea, and Air Burger – The Land, Sea, and Air burger, has a beef patty, chicken patty, and fillet-o-fish patty all piled high onto a bun.
  • Root Beer Float – You can pick any size of root beer and they will add the vanilla ice cream on top.
  • Coke Float – Any size of coke with ice cream. You can even get it with chocolate ice cream.
  • Monster Mac – A big Mac composed of 8 meat patties.
  • 2 Cheese Burger Meal Mac – Two cheese burgers, fries and a drink.

 McDonalds Secret Menu
Left to Right: Monster Mac, Grilled Cheese, McGangBang.

Starbucks – With the large variety of different Starbucks franchises it is important to know what’s in any hidden menu drink you order. Many should know these options however, since they are not all the same just remember the ingredients in case they do not know and they will be happy to make the drink for you.

  • Biscotti Frapuccino – This is a typical frapuccino but it has a biscotti blended inside. You will have to purchase the biscotti separate when you are checking out, but you can have it in any flavor frap.
  • Short Drink – This is a less expensive version of any Starbucks drink. It is smaller than a tall with a lower price.
  • Red Eye – This is a shot of espresso in regular drip coffee.
  • Black Eye – This drink has 2 shots of espresso in regular drip coffee.
  • Green Eye – This drink includes 3 shots of espresso in regular drip coffee.
  • Poor Mans Latte – We recommend you do not tell your Barista you are planning on creating this drink when you order. Order an iced Americano with no water and half ice, then use the free milk on the side to mix it up to your standards.
  • Poor Mans Chai Latte – Same recommendation as above applies here. Order a Chai Tea Misto with extra foam, two tea bags, and half cinnamon and half vanilla syrup.
  • French Pressed Coffee – If you want coffee served fresh from a French press you may have it with any variety in the shop.
  • Chocolate Cream Frapuccino – This is a frapuccino made with chocolate syrup and chocolate frapuccino base.
  • Cake Batter Frap – Order a vanilla frappucino and ask for both the vanilla bean and almond flavorings. It will taste just like cake batter.
  • Crunchberry Frap – Flavored like the crunchberry cereal, this is a strawberrys and cream frappucino with hazelnut flavoring.
  • Strawberry Blended Lemonade – Although this had been taken off the menu, most locations will still blend the strawberry flavoring with lemonade for you.
  • London Fog – This is made with vanilla flavoring in Earl Gray Tea.
  • Zebra Mocha (also called a Tuxedo or Penguin Mocha) – This is a mix of the white chocolate and regular chocolate mochas.
  • Red Tux Mocha (also called Bleeding Penguin) – The same mix of white chocolate and regular chocolate mocha with raspberry flavoring.

 Starbucks Secret Menu
Left to Right: Chocolate Cream Frapuccino, Strawberry Blended Lemonade, Short Drink.


  • Pizza Sub – This sub was taken of the menu in most locations when Subway began marketing itself as healthy alternative to fast food. However, upon request you can get the Pizza Sub which combines cheese, tomato sauce, and pepperoni.

 Subway Secret Menu - Pizza Sub

just looking through this list makes me hungry already. have got to try out the Pie McFlurry and Land, Sea, and Air Burger some time.

as an aside, why does every random person i encounter lately seem to be a medical student? eg. guy working for Chanel in Harrods, and dude working at the post office beside Chelsea West hospital today.



  1. Mr & Mrs said,

    Does this work in Singapore?

    P.S. Some of them sound really gross, like biscuits and gravy

    P.P.S. DQ sucks!

  2. Anonymous said,

    haha yeah it works too you should try it sometime..interesting fact huh?
    DQ is okay what..its the one they serve upside down right?

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