Chinese New (Rabbit) Year was a riot (via Mr & Mrs)

February 8, 2011 at 2:45 am (life!)

So I was commenting to Mr that Chinese New Year is one of the rare public holidays that you feel more tired – rather than rested – from, despite it being two-days (four this year!) long!

The brother came back all the way from London, for a grand total of 5 days. He arrived on Tuesday night, and left on Sunday night. Yes, that cost 26 hours flying time.

As with tradition, we had the reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s eve with Mr’s family at Long Beach. Because we were part of the “first sitting” (5pm), we were out of the place by 7pm, and popped by my dad’s reunion dinner to give K a little “Uncle Ethan” time.

On the first day of the Chinese year, we were woken up by our never-wavering alarm clock – K’s cooing at 7.30am sharp (as usual). So we hopped off to McDonald’s for breakfast (which was bustling), before visiting my parents. We discovered that K loves red packets, and will gleefully lunge for and grab any red packet within his reach.

In the evening, we had dinner at my (maternal) grandmother’s place, and on Day 2 of Chinese new year, it was off to my (paternal) grandfather’s place. In the evening, we had a mini (very advanced) birthday celebration for my brother at Black Angus. And then K fell sick, and was miserable for much of the night :(

Meaning that Day 3 was a miserable affair; especially as we were really looking forward to participating in my uncle’s wedding! Because my uncle married a Hong Kong-er, the day’s proceedings were slightly different. The (mini) wedding banquet (just 5 tables) was emcee-d by my brother, and filled with games and much laughter! And Mr won one of the lucky draw prizes! It was great fun.

All in all, it was a great new year for The Kyhms :) Happy Rabbit Year!

via Mr & Mrs

just back! sorry for the unannounced hiatus (schedule was way too packed in Singapore) but will update everyone soon. still waiting for the snowboarding pics from a friend so those aren’t exactly my fault hahah.


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