(Birthday) Night At The Museum

February 24, 2011 at 3:02 pm (friends, life!)

Hi guys!
It’s my birthday coming up, so I thought it’d be a good opportunity to have a meet-up at some place interesting the night before – the Natural History Museum, which is open till 1030pm last Friday of each month!
(I know..it’s my extremely artsy/cultured side on show, which I’m sure is present in most of you. Except for Jin)

We will meet at Eastside cafe at 630 pm for dinner and then swing over to the museum at 830pm.

Entry is free and description of the event is as follows:

After Hours
Natural History Museum invites you into the famous galleries, the Darwin Centre and exhibition hall for a monthly event. Catch the latest exhibitions, head to the Red or Blue Bars for a cocktail, and enjoy some live jazz or world music in the Central Hall. The Darwin Centre is also open, meaning you can visit the Cocoon after hours too.

Let’s Talk About Sex
Friday 25th February 2011 sees the After Hours event get rather fruity in honour of the museum’s new Sexual Nature exhibition. Join the guest speakers for the Let’s Talk About Sex debate, which explores the history and psychology of human sex in the context of the mating rituals of other species.

Would be great if you guys could RSVP asap so I can try to book a table at Eastside cafe! Other halves are more than welcome too.


They are also running two other paid entry exhibitions which might interest you, costing between 3 and 9 pounds:

1. Sexual Nature
An unusual Sexual Nature exhibition London event takes place at the Natural History Museum in 2011 as the scientists invite you to take a closer look at the ways in which the animal kingdom reproduces. Revealing some of its most bizarre and intimate secrets, this is one exhibition not for the faint hearted.

2. Wildlife Photographer of the Year
One of the most prestigious and innovative photography competitions of its kind, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition 2010 showcases the very best in photographic images of the natural world. With amazing images of wildlife including animals, birds, plants, trees, insects and the natural landscape, this exhibition is a stunning collection of the work produced by the world’s best photographers.

Both seem rather interesting to me (esp the birds and the bees one), we can definitely go together if you guys are keen!

Mantej Sehmbhi let’s go to the sex thing

Hyoung-Jin Cho u do know that you’re only meant to watch dont u mantej?

Mantej Sehmbhi Bullshit if I’m paying £3-9 I’m getting my money’s worth


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