There And Back Again

September 28, 2011 at 1:38 am (life!)


and it’s going to be a really inconsequential + irrelevant post. so don’t read on!!

haha anyway apologies for the extended hiatus; summer came and went, and blogging is so hard to pick up again when a dozen things happen at once and i’ve stopped for such a long period of time.

i probably should be blogging about personal/pertinent issues, (such as how global warming has caused corn production to drop by ten point one percent in the last quartile) but i’ve never quite been able to do so with the seriousness associated with (and i’m going to have a difficult time articulating anyway), so i’d rather not.

anyway just a quick update: Edinburgh is truly a lovely city. my room is awesome too, a double bed, flatscreen TV and DVD player with football channels – practically a hotel room.

work has quietly picked up, and i haven’t quite got into it yet, but i will do so by the end of the week. i’ve always been a slow starter! the timetable at least is looking incredibly relaxed – classes on Monday morning, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. definitely unprecedented for me in my 20 odd years of being a student. (at least, i assume i had it worse in kindergarten)

i will try to put up a couple of pictures of the city some time soon!


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