Genius Lyrics!

February 25, 2012 at 4:17 am (life!, music, movies)


Wide hips, Zit face
Eating milk and corn flakes
Too bland, no taste
Chest pains, DM
Trying to obey lent
All night eat ham.

And they say
Her BMI’s 80
Stuck in her plane seat
Been this way since taxi
But lately her leg seems
aching, blue with gangrene
like it’s claudicating

And ice cream
The worst things to eat are free donuts
Cos we’re all just like the Simpson man
And go mad for leg of lamb
How’s she going to alight her flight
And with a steak and coke in the other hand
She gets help from the firemen
She’s too broad at her sides
For BA to fly
Can’t zip her fly

i would be proud of the lyrics if i wrote them myself, except i didn’t, and my girlfriend did.


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