So True!

May 17, 2012 at 11:28 am (life!, randoms)

reminds me all over again how the ’88 batch were the last unlucky batch to have the BCG, leaving a permanent scar on our arm.
now that exams are over, i can finally get down to planning summer errands full time again! dates with girlfriend, yummy food places, and holidays! and random other fun activities. we are all going to be tripping to Athens in about a week, followed by a short hop to Nick’s hometown in Cyprus a bit after. then it’s my last trip back to Singapore over the next 2 years (probably) from 2 June to 4 July, since that’s our last holiday in med school.
i’m also going to be back in time just for my nephew’s 2 year old birthday party! he’s a really cute fat chubby timid baby now who likes trains, and i can’t wait to get reacquainted with him. it’s really fun putting him right in the middle of my parent’s island mattress, and teleporting him back to the middle once he reaches the edge all over again. i think it confuses him. i also applied for a job as a part-time surf instructor at Wavehouse Sentosa, although i doubt they are ever gonna give it to me, seeing as how i’m back for only three weeks (which i conveniently forgot to mention). hahaha we’ll see.
anyway, i’m really keen on interior design at a budget, and have been for quite a while. interior design is really really fun. furniture shopping can be addictive; a lot more so than clothes shopping in fact, a phase i seem to have left behind for quite a while now.
i recently made the most important addition to the apartment – a king-sized, hotel industry 1200 pocket-spring mattress at 260 pounds, less than half the price of a store retailer. decided i just HAD to get it after a trip to Lake District, where we had the best night’s sleep ever at a Bed and Breakfast. actually, make that two nights in a row.
will be updating with pics from trips to Lake District and Paris soon! right now, i’m going to have to pack and move all over again. sucky thing about being a unsettled student.

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